Water Kiss: The Poetry Book

Water Kiss” is an illustrated poetry book created fully by Marisela Bracho. “Water Kiss” is a piece of art at many levels, entwining poetry, art and design into magical digital collages. The illustrations merge her photography and artwork, and the poetry gives voice to her personal journal consisting of verse and stream of consciousness writing.
The book is conceived as a unified body of work, but also each page has the potency of a stand alone creation, conveying a unique potent visual and verbal message to be displayed as a fine art print.

Water Kiss:
Inner Pages

The source images illustrating Water Kiss poetry can be acquired as fine arts prints. To view the source images go to the  “Buy Water Kiss prints” page.

Presently we are offering prints on aluminum, a printing medium where dyes are infused into specially coated aluminum sheets, images take on a magical luminescence. We offer a choice of sizes and a choice coatings: glossy or matte. Glossy features amazing depth and intensity of color with significant glare. Matte has a softer paper like look with less glare. Every piece comes with a sturdy fixture for wall-mounting.