“Water Kiss” comments and reviews

“Water Kiss” comments and reviews

I offer you my introduction to “Water Kiss”. I very much welcome any comments or reviews you would like to contribute.

By the waters of Maui, where we sat down…

Maui is a magical place. Hidden behind pockets of jungle you can hear songs being played, musical instruments explored, laughter merging with the chirping of birds.
Occasionally a gathering that carries a spirit, a flavor of sorts, comes into being, and for a period of time, sustains and births creativity.
Here poems are offered to the wind as thumbnails in words, musical improvisations journey myriad of moods, voices rise and fade traveling through harmonies, sketches are drawn, creativity rehearses living and dying with the turn of the sun.
Imprints remain and ask to live longer, ask to be explored and shared… this is how many of these poems were born, others elaborate voices that visit me in meditation, and others still, honor the touch of exquisite beings in my life. My gratitude to you, for partaking in the voyage.


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