I plunge into myself as I paint, the surface of the paper is the support for what comes alive in me as my eyes move through the densities of color, for what comes alive when I participate with the dance of nature.

The inspiration for my paintings is nature, the essential vitality with which nature covers itself, its living surface: skin, leaves or petals. Through color I touch the vibrancy of nature, the dance of form animated with breath and motion.

In my paintings sometimes the strokes decompose into abstraction, others they manifest as recognizable form. What remains is the energy, the vitality and emotion evoked by the gestures of nature, the drama, the joy, the subtleness or boldness as it manifests in each element, be it solid, liquid, ethereal, be it creature or plant. The paintings aim to reconstruct creation itself, or travel through the possible landscapes as they settle out of chaos into expressions of nature and qualities of being.


arisela Bracho is a Mexican contemporary painter living in Maui, Hawaii. She began her artistic and graphic design career in Mexico City. She received a MFA Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has had solo exhibitions in Mexico City; Portland, Oregon; Boulder, Colorado and Maui, Hawaii. Presently her paintings are mostly watercolors, acrylics or a mixed media of both, she also creates compelling digital paintings. Her signature work consists of evocative landscape abstractions picturing the ingrained vitality and movement in nature. Recently she published an illustrated poetry book: “Water Kiss” featuring her poetry, digital paintings and graphic design skills.

The arts have been a central part of my life since I was a child. The entertainment my mother provided for us consisted of visiting art museums and attending live performances: dance, theater and classical music. Since early age I found specially compelling, the power visual arts have to convey with a single “impression” a mood as profound and mysterious as our own physique. With this early exposure to creative expression, the imprint that Mexican art left in me, is almost unconscious.

I have a special interest in making “visible the unseen”. The mystery I perceive playing itself in nature, has been an ongoing theme in my art. I often aim at depicting the inherent hidden movement or structure of nature, the unseen variations or transformations of color, the chaos or harmony living just beneath the surface of things.

My art thrives with technical and thematic experimentation. Technically I am focused on acrylics and watercolors. Earlier in my carrier I developed an acrylic painting technique where I built three dimensional relief and textural surfaces. Presently I am working with transparent layers where it is possible to see through the overlaying of color with the help of acrylic mediums and resin, and in certain pieces I also incorporate my previous relief explorations.

Working as a graphic designer since the beginning of the digital era, I developed wonderful digital skills. I was called to explore the infinite universe of composite images and image manipulation computer art offers. I’ve created a body of work consisting of paintings where I blend my photography, drawings and watercolors into seamless digital collages. My poetry book: “Water Kiss” is fully illustrated with digital collages where the image in each page may also stand as a piece of art.

I am infinitely grateful to Maui not only for its beauty and amazing community, but also for offering me the mental space to explore my love for fine arts.